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Estate Planning

Protect your assets and beneficiaries
using sound estate planning strategies.

Estate Planning

Protect your assets and beneficiaries
using sound estate planning strategies.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is for everyone – not just the wealthy. Estate planning provides for your loved ones by designating who receives your assets after your death or if you become incapacitated. In the absence of an estate plan, your assets come under control of the state. Families in grief over the loss of a loved one may be comforted by knowing that you had a plan. You’re protecting your loved ones from the challenges and cost of dealing with the state in probate court over issues such as real estate, pensions, personal belongings, cars, other assets, and debt.

A Will

A will expresses the intentions of the deceased person for distribution of assets. It also designates an executor to ensure that the will is handled correctly. Wills may be contested in court, and an estate plan can go a long way to mitigate dissension.

Power of Attorney

Powers of attorney let you designate a person to make decisions on your behalf if you are not in a state of mind to make clear decisions regarding medical or financial issues. You will need different powers of attorney for each purpose.

Living Will

A living will as part of an estate is also called a Directive to Physician. It is in effect if you have a terminal or irreversible condition, and gives you a way to express your wishes and prevent loved ones from having to make tough decisions.


Trusts help with taxes if the estate exceeds the tax-free amount. A trust is also a way to transfer legal title of property to another person while you’re still alive. After death, the trustee (person in charge of the trust) has the authority to distribute assets without going through the court system. There are many types of trusts, based on your goals.

Benefits of an Estate Planning Advisor

A good estate planning advisor has the experience to know what questions to ask and how to structure the right level of plan for your needs. Just as important, you want someone who is a good listener, and who you know will respect your confidentiality. You want to feel comfortable that the estate planner has your best interests in mind, and is willing to explain all of the options.

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